We help companies solve persistent problems and close performance gaps.

Many CEOs spend a disproportionate amount of time on under performing areas.

These 'time drains' reduce a CEO's ability to define and promote the business strategy, pursue growth opportunities, and capitalize on future trends.


Many CEOs and management teams are frustrated with change initiatives. They often take much longer than expected and never do seem to produce the intended results.

Librx understands the nature of change and people's natural resistance to change. Rather than operating from preconceived notions, we take time to learn about your company's culture and the attributes of its success. Then we help break down any barriers that may limit future success in order to create a peak performance atmosphere.

Throughout the engagement, we transfer to your management team the knowledge of how to sustain their success.

We are passionate about creating value for our clients. We are creative in designing long lasting improvements. And we are committed to your success.

My name is Brian Gagan, Senior Consultant of Librx. If you would like help solving a persistent problem or closing a performance gap, please call me at 1.866.506.0440. Our initial consultation is always free of charge.

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